As many of Richmond residents/ VCU students know, this past week the city of Richmond hosted the UCI bike race. Classes were cancelled for all VCU students, which is perfect timing to host a show exposing some of Richmond’s hidden talent. VCU’s Hip Hop Student Collective teamed up with recording company Catalyst and did just that. On Thursday September 24th, they hosted “PedalFest”. The show consisted of Jake Barkeley, M.arques B.erry, MNLV, Peter Sun, Radio B, Ramsey, Fly Anakin & Koncept Jackson, Saint Tut, The Millionares, Tribe, and was headlined by Richmond’s very own Nickelus F. Take the time to look at the recap video showing some of Richmond’s best unsigned talent. Also, be on the lookout for latest news regarding VCU’s HHSC collab with The RE-UP leading up to VCU’s Homecoming. #REUPRVA #VCUHHSC #PEDALFEST2K15