#ReUpThursdays Lost Interview: Riff Raff

Alex Dixon

Fri November 6, 2015 11:35 am

It's almost the weekend but what's better than that? #ReUpThursdays of course, check out the first interview we cut on the West Coast with none other than Riff Raff below, Peach Panther album coming soon!

Riff: Go ahead I’m listening let’s go.
Riff: High roller!
Alex: What does it mean to be the Neon Icon?
Riff: Neon Icon, the one and only, you can’t clone me, I got a couple homes homie!
Alex: Yep, you gotta keep a couple homes, can't disclose your location.
Riff:There’s a lot of people who say they wanna be the Neon Icon, well shit,that’s like someone saying “when I grow up I wanna be the next MJ”, youknow what I tell em? good luck! good fuckin luck! you know what I mean?
Alex: I feel you!

Alex: What’s a normal day like for Jody Husky?
Riff:Well he goes everywhere with me, he eats what I eat, he eats proteins, A strict diet of lobsters, and crab meats, and ribs, Like think about a wolf, they're out there eating deer. If we we’re in the caveman days they’d be eating deers and gazelles and bones, so I feed him proteins, whatever I eat.
Riff: I don't make him do tricks or nothin’. When I met him when he was a puppy, I knew we had some likenesses, and since than he's been just like me, he’s learned his ways and he’s been cool.
Alex: Husky lifestyle.
Riff: Right! like father like son.

Alex: How do you go about cleaning the gold fronts?
Riff:Just today I was walking down the streets and someone was like “lemme see your grill” and I didn't have my grill in and he was like “foreal?” and I was like “yeah forreal!” I don't gotta wear em all the time, I do whatever I want. I just keep it moving, people got a lotta questions but I got twice as many answers, but that don’t mean i'm gonna answer all your questions.
Riff: When I have my grill in I have my grill in. When I take it out I’m washing it just like my teeth. You gotta keep your grill fresh, you can't have a funky grill, you gotta keep it fresh!

Alex: Ass or tits?
Riff:Some people like ass, some people like tits, but for me it’s initial contact. I'm not looking for ass, I'm not looking for tits, when I initially contact you, if I vibe with you that's whats more important. Race, age, time, face, all that, it don't matter if I vibe with you. If our neon vibes connect that's something on a whole nother galaxy, you can't judge that, you can't put an age, or a face, or a ass, or a tity on that, it's not even like that. If I vibe with you and we connect on a mental level than nothing can stop that.


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