757 is known to be a Hip Hop hot spot for emerging artists and so happens to be the hometown of this week's edition of #REUPTHURSDAY artist "T.A.B".  After moving and spending his childhood in Houston, Texas T.A.B returned to his old stomping grounds of Virginia Beach.  T.A.B has had a long history of making music going back to his high school days where he picked up a pen and started his hip hop journey senior year in high school after hearing a friends mixtape. As far as musical influence, T.A.B takes a different approach which explains his sound as an emerging artist. T.A.B says "outside of hip hop my influence would be Malcolm Gladwell. In his book "Outliers" he said something along the lines of 10,000 hours is needed to master anything. I knew I was lacking in hours, so I began investing twice as much time into the craft". "Within hip hop would be 3 Stacks. He's a legend so I went through great lengths to study him. How he managed to reinvent his sound for every project, motivates me to approach every beat differently." His unique outlook on music and the arts in general plays a role to his music which you can also check out in his The-Re-Up debut with his music video "Insomnia." Followers should keep a look out for his next project titled " Put it On my Tab" which is expected to drop later this Fall. Stay tuen on The-Re-Up to see all of T.A.B's latest work.