Datsik x Bais Haus Just Dropped An Absolutely Filthy VIP

Nicola Hartman

Tue January 19, 2016 4:00 pm

Some of you may be wondering, what has OG dubstep producer Datsik been up to? Well he's teamed together with Bais Haus to create some naughty music under the new alias/brainchild, "Ephwurd". Datsik brought Bais Haus onto his "Let It Burn Pt. 2" EP almost 2 years ago for the track "Closer to The Sun", which I think has a very similar sound to what these two masterminds have been releasing lately.  With the explosion of bass house last year, we've been seeing many artists start to release 4 on the floor bangers, and these guys have a dark and grimy twist that has raised the bar for basshouse producers . There's no stopping these guys in 2016.

Don't let the soft vocals at the beginning of the song fool you, this one is without a doubt going to get you off your feet and ready to raise some havoc. Take a listen below & stay filthy my friends.


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