Mixtape Review: Campana - Eviction Notice

Alex Dixon

Tue April 5, 2016 8:09 pm

If you haven't heard of Cosmos & Campana you really need to open up that laptop and take a scroll down the latest Seattle news. Cosmos, a full band creating some truly new school jazz, funk, and electronic sounds accompanied by the rapper Campana, makes for a perfect mesh of genres. Campana has been on the scene for a significant amount of time and with his release of “Eviction Notice” right after Cosmos took the winning spot at the EMP Museum’s Soundoff Battle of the Bands Competition he’s not slowing down. The project reflects a dark time in Campana’s life where his world seemed to be falling apart in front of him, but he remained level headed through the situation, creating a great body of art in the process. 

When I first gave “Eviction Notice” a listen, I noticed that it’s a very diverse project. Campana decided to use his knowledge of sounds, new and old to hit the album from all angles capturing a wide variety of music listeners preferences. With a wide range of sounds that Campana has created, with the help and production of Cosmos on most tracks, followed by Pants (DJ /Producer of Cosmos), and Tyler Dopps, there are a lot of sounds to choose from. One of my favorites actually came from Campana & Pants entitled “Kama”. It features smooth synth bending and hard hitting bass mixed with a unique rhyme scheme and an approach that attacks the beat, all put together with a fluid hook making for a true banger. 

Eviction Notice is for all fans and emits a multitude of struggles, trials, and tribulations that all young individuals might face at one time or another. I for one cannot wait to see some of the songs found on “Eviction Notice” performed with the full live band Cosmos. There’s going to be no better time to catch the project in full effect than Sasquatch Music Festival or Bumbershoot and this is a project that carries weight so it will definitely transfer well live.


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