Matt Reed is a young aspiring rapper, no older than 25, originating from Dallas, Texas. I had the pleasure of becoming a fan of his music in 2012 after listening to and downloading his debut mixtape, "The Red Room Project". Throughout the following years he's released four projects, "The Matt Reed Project", "Student of the Game", "Against All Odds", and "P.S Too Busy Wavin". All of these projects are available for streaming on his SoundCloud and the first two projects can be bought on Apple Music. His youtube also contains many of his songs with thousands of views but after listening to him you would expect him to have more. The problem isn't his talent, it's his work being incorrectly publicized. "DRAKE NEW SONG- Divine Obsession" is an example of the title of Youtube video, and as fans of music, you click on it anticipating the potential of a new song you haven't heard yet. As the song begins you begin to listen; now if you have a good ear and know the sound of Drake, you'll realize this isn't him, but many naive ears cause others to believe it is Drake. There are so many videos of Matt Reed's music named as Drake with hundreds of thousands of views while Matt Reed's original videos have tens of thousands or less. Nine times out of ten that song title with "*NEW DRAKE*"  is actually a song of Matt Reed's.  Many mistake him from Drake because he's such a dynamic and versatile artist, he can spit an introspective 16, serenades about love, and uses a high energy flow; he sometimes combines all three in one track. Matt Reed is very connective to his fans and also very generous. After a brief Twitter conversation with him, I realized how humble he is and after asking about dates for his new music he asked for my email and sent me his mixtape "Against All Odds" weeks before the first single was released.  Join the wave before everybody else does, 2016 should be a prosperous and successful year for Matt Reed.