REZZ: Interview with the Queen of Dark Dance Music

Nicola Hartman

Sun March 27, 2016 3:48 pm

Incoming! REZZ has landed on earth, fellow humans. Take a closer look into the mind of Isabelle Rezazadeh, the mastermind behind the beats that have opened the gates of techno hell upon her listeners. She is unleashing nothing but fire and it’s burning up the dance floor. Her music is sinister, hard-hitting and it takes you through a journey that can’t quite be put into words.

REZZ has kicked off her 2016 with the heat. Not only did she just get done touring with one of the most infamous icons in dance music, Deadmau5, but she released her very own EP on mau5trap, started her tour by opening for Jauz and landed massive bookings at various festivals across the US and Canada.

One could question how someone who’s only been producing for two years could possibly be on the rise so fast, but after sitting down and talking with Rezazadeh, it’s clear that her journey is purely organic; based on perseverance and a true connection to the music that she’s making. So far, this expedition has been all her. She’s essentially sent from outer space to give dance music listeners something to warn their neighbors about, because this sh*t is about to get heavy (it already is).

The tour with Deadmau5 looked awesome. I know Joel is a huge inspiration for you. What was it like supporting his shows and even playing some b2bs?

He’s my biggest idol of all time. It’s just the weirdest, most surreal experience ever. You know you’re doing something right if you have Deadmau5’s consent and approval for you to be on tour with him. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s a dream come true. In my life so far, nothing has been crazier than going on a bus tour with Deadmau5.

In a previous interview with Magnetic Magazine, you had mentioned that you have a spiritual side. Does this influence your music at all?

I wouldn’t say that it influences my music as much as it influences my motivation to get better at music. It inspires me to really pursue my dreams. It’s changed my life, studying philosophy and psychology progressively since early high school days. maybe even a little bit prior to high school I started getting questioning life and dissecting things and by the time I got to grade 11, I was 16, I really became in tune with myself.

That’s a really young age.

You know when you get older and you look back at your younger self and you realize you weren’t even close to figuring things out? When I look at my 16-year-old self, I know that I found a lot of myself. In grade 11 it’s like I became a whole new person. I was nice to everyone at all times no matter what. No matter what they look like, what they’re into, I was always nice. And surely enough, because I was giving that sort of energy to the world, it came back tenfold.
I found my passion, producing music. As soon as I found my passion I cannot explain to you the happiness I felt. There was no doubting it. I knew that this is what I was going to do. I’m going to put my life, my whole entire life, into making sure I achieve my dreams.

What helps you get through blocks?

That’s a really good question, and I wish that question would be asked more to other artists for other producers to know the answer to. One thing I personally like to do is to just push through it and keep staring at your screen and keep messing around until you get inspired by a sound. That’s the most annoying way to do it. It works though, because you are working so hard at it that you give yourself no other option but to make a cool sound and get inspired. Or study sound design, because you’re figuring out how to make certain sounds and your options are getting broader. I don’t think writer’s block is necessarily the right term for me. I think it’s a shortage of sounds.

Resources. It’s like you don’t have those sounds that you want at your fingertips.

That’s exactly what it is. Say I had some sound design expert sitting next to me and he was making all these sounds on my computer. I would be like “oh okay I’m inspired by that sound, you can leave now!” And then I’d finish the song. I’ve obviously never done that. In fact I’ve never really even been in the studio with anybody.

You’ve never collaborated with anybody?

This shit so far has been all me. I’ve never had any help. People are like, “oh REZZ, you mix AND master your own tracks?” Everything I do, start to finish. I can say that so confidently because I know it’s true and I can teach it to people. I actually taught a master class at Icon Collective. I opened up a couple of my projects and started to show the class my work and they were so intrigued. When you’re a girl in the industry, sometimes people doubt that you’re actually producing. I proved it to so many people that day, if anybody had doubt.

That leads into my next question. What emotions do you get to experience when you play out all original material to your fans?

It’s SO different than just playing out other people’s music. Because when you’re playing your own stuff and you get off the stage, you get all these kids that are looking at you like their mind was blown. Nothing feels better than that because that was all my music that I created. It's a crazy feeling, getting off stage and knowing that your hard work is changing people's lives.

How did you discover your love for dance music?

It was really when I started to go to a lot of shows. Once I saw Deadmau5 live, it clicked. I realized that I really love dance music and there’s this vibe that I connected with so much and that was this weird repetitive beat that keeps you locked in. Nothing hits me as hard. It just f*cks my life up in the best way.

What messages do you to want to give to your fans?

I just want them to be super inspired to actually chase their f*cking dreams. We are all born and raised in this world where people doubt you. Believe in yourself so much, push forward and ignore all the hate. It’s going to seem like the hate wants to eat you alive in the moment, but you have to just push through and keep focused on your dream. I had so many haters at the beginning of my journey. So many random people, even some who I thought were my friends would shit talk me and say things like “she sucks” or “why is she wasting time making music?”
Those people now, I can’t imagine what those people are thinking. They knew me before I was touring, before I even left my house. They didn’t ever support me. It feels so good, not in a revenge type of way. But it does feel great to have proved so many people wrong and to have inspired so many people on the way. It’s been genuine and it’s been the most realistic and relatable to so many people.


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