Artist To Look Forward to in 2016- Tedy Andreas

Malcolm Moore

Wed February 24, 2016 2:07 pm

Tedy Andreas, a Houston-originated rapper, has a very high ceiling in the art of rap/hip-hop. Signed to Foreside Records and also known for his relationship with Biggie’s son, who together have a group called the Origami Prophets, Tedy released his only mixtape, Mad Illusions, sometime during July of 2015. Honestly, it's a well slept on tape, with heavy influences from the 90’s, very clean production, and a showcase of a very versatile flow. The mixtape consists of nine  tracks and Tedy has also released three visuals for the tracks “Moon Walking”, “City Limits”, and most recently “Mercedes”. There’s a frequent presence of nostalgic vibes from the visuals as he keeps it simple, very simple; as you watch these visuals it would seem they were created decades ago instead of today’s effect with fllashy drowned visuals. Moving on to Tedy himself, he can’t be any older than 21 but can spit unlike most in his generation. His flow doesn’t mimic any big name rapper of today, he’s very versatile and has an old school timing with his lyricism. He doesn’t exaggerate his punchlines and stays true to his Houston roots, acknowledging his lean consumption in a couple verses here and there. This mixtape contains no up-tempo, bass empowered beat; every beat is melody induced and very chill (reminiscent of production in Kush & OJ by Wiz Khalifa). As his view climbs every week, expect Tedy Andreas to release two more projects and many more visuals coming forth into 2016.


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