A year ago today, the world lost an amazing asset to the progression and modern approach of Hip-Hop as we know it.

A year later today, A$AP MOB, Flatbush Zombies, Aston Matthews & Joey Bada$$ celebrate Yams' life with the first annual "Yams Day" at Terminal 5 in NYC. Although no longer physically with us Yamboghini still lives on in not only the work of his fellow A$AP MOB family but, in the style, delivery and presestation in established & up-and-coming artists today. From his molding A$AP MOB into what it is now, to his lasting influence on the Hip-Hop culture as whole, it is undeniable that Yams touched the hearts of everyone who came into contact with any & every product of his creativity.

Regardless if you're a fan of any of the A$AP MOB or not, chances are you bob your head to something he helped put in the airwaves, wear your clothes according to a trend that he helped set, or even say a word or two you wouldn't even know existed if it wasn't for A$AP Yams and his extensively unique vocabulary.

With all of that being said, no words could touch the influence Steven "Yams" Rodriguez had on Hip-Hop, nor could any article written on any site begin to explain the loss the Hip-Hop community suffered on January 18th, 2015. All we can do is be thankful for what he did while his feet were on the ground & progress further while he watches from above.

R.I.P Steven 'Yams' Rodriguez. 1988 - Infinity

View below the (apparent) last known interview with YAMS on his 26th birthday with SNKRBST.