The Big One NYE: A Psychedelic Wonderland

Nicola Hartman

Sat January 16, 2016 2:00 pm

There was nowhere I would've rather spent my new years than in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Auditorium, thanks to Another Planet Entertainment. Just so you can read the article with a sense of visual understanding, here is my photo album from the evening. We all gathered in the Civic Auditorium starting around 8 pm with only a slight idea of what was ahead of us. There were all sorts of eccentric folks gathered around in line, all in wonky outfits and accessorized to the max. People of all shapes and sizes, music tastes, ethnicities, sexualities... It was a night full of open minds and open hearts, ready to embrace the new years. 

Let's start with the decorations- they were absolutely stunning, breathtaking even. The venue was FILLED with art everywhere your eyes could wonder. I walked through the door and was greeted with a big sign that read, "The Big One", it made me feel like I was entering wonderland. Starting off , there were nets full of thousands of balloons in the main hall that were stashed away, ready to drop when the clock struck 12. The Big One provided the biggest balloon drop that San Francisco had ever seen! There were also couches set up for people to relax, massage tables for people who need to loosen up a bit, a bounty of disco balls and bubble machines, chandeliers, art installations such as lamps and a giant DNA molecule, and let's not forget the unique personality that each stage possessed. 

There were 3 stages, which is something that I haven't quite seen pulled off that well, ever, at the Bill Graham. The first stage, on the Larkin side of the venue, was where Artists such as Thriftworks, Tycho (DJ Set) and XXYYXX took the stage. The room had sort of a down-tempo bass feel the entire night. The room also had a bubble machine and a bar with food for your midnight munchies. 

The next stage was the main hall, where world renowned artists such as Ratatat, The Flaming Lips, Gramatik, Tycho (Live set) and more all KILLED it (in the best way possible). There wasn't one set from the entire night that disappointed me. The room was full of beautiful ambient lights, a giant hanging chandelier and impeccable sound quality. There was also a balcony to go and take it all in from a view that's higher up, looking over the crowd.

The final stage was a house-heads HEAVEN. I, myself, love house and techno music, so this stage was the one I kept finding myself returning to. Behind the decks was an art installation of an astronaut, bringing the audience to an outer space sort of feel. The 4 on the floor beat kept my feet moving all night. Artists such as Worthy & Will Clarke from Dirtybird took us through a groovy journey of nonstop dancing. Legendary artist Pumpkin closed out the night with an upbeat house set that left us all ready to take on the new years. 

I hopped in my Uber with my best friend and we were off, feeling a sense of content and completeness. I felt as if the entire night was exactly where I needed to be, surrounded by all of the right people. Not only did I make many new friends, experience new things, but I also entered the new year in a perfect head space. There's no doubt that I will be returning next year. I hope to see you all there. Thanks again to Another Planet and HUSH Concerts for giving us the opportunity to experience new years the way that we did. One Love.


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