#ReUpThursday Interview Featuring - GVNDV (Gavin Isaiah)

Mikey Gee

Thu January 14, 2016 6:15 pm

Live from the 7'5 for this week's #ReUpThursday, we have GVNDV. A real live lyrical mastermind that is killin' it with bars full of love for his hometown (Chesapeake, VA), dreams to succeed & the talent to do so. I was lucky enough to meet up with him, chop it with some Hip-Hop talk and cover him for an interview where we cover topics such as: Favorite artists, inspirations, his hometown & more. He recently released a new single titled 'BYOB'  for his upcoming project dropping on Valentine's Day called 'My Eulogy' (a.k.a. The M.E. LP) , which you can listen to along with one of my personal favorites, 'WAVE 6OD' , below. Give the interview a read and be sure to keep your eyes out for him AND his team, These Kings, at Shaggfest 2016 this July in Virginia Beach, VA.

The-Re-Up: Gimme a little introduction.

GVNDV: "My name is Gavin Isaiah, but I go by GVNDV. I've been doing music since 11th grade, so that's about three and a half years now. I grew up in Chesapeake, VA but I spend a lot of time in Virginia Beach. "

The-Re-Up: Who are some of your greatest influences over time?

GVNDV: "I would have to say some of my biggest influences are Kendrick and J. Cole as far as rap goes. I've been a performer longer than I've been a rapper so I'm also influenced by Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and entertainers who can really captivate a crowd and steal their attention. It's like their presence has an atmosphere of its own & that's something I'd like to capture when I perform at that level one day."

The-Re-Up: Why do you make music, what are you trying to achieve with your work?

GVNDV: "Really, I just want to let people know like yeah, times are hard, but as long as you're alive you have time to fight for what you wanna do. A lot of people have the same problems & I'm human so I know there's somebody else out there goin' through the same shit I'm goin' through now. So I just wanna lend a hand & have people relate to me & the best way I can do that is through my music."

The-Re-Up: What is it like being an unsigned, up & coming artist from an area like the 757?

GVNDV: "It's pretty tough, being that the 7'5 isn't the biggest with supporting local artists. Not getting enough support from your city can either discourage you and make you wanna quit, or it can make you say  'I gotta get on my shit and make the city recognize that I'm serious and I want this.' So it's tough but, I think I've got something to prove."

The-Re-Up: Who would you consider it a dream to collaborate with / who are your top favorite artists in the game right now?

GVNDV: "Honestly I'd love to collab' with Pharrell. He's also a huge inspiration of mine and knowing that he grew up right up the street from me shows me that there's more to life than just home."

The-Re-Up: Tell me a little bit about the group of artists, These Kings, that you work with.

GVNDV: " These Kings, (a.k.a. TK), consists of the homies: Vonte Brown, Trevor Colin Johnson, Kid Li, J Ford and myself (GVNDV). We came together about two years ago through some mutual friends that do music & we've been workin' hard ever since, tryna come up and show the world we can do big things."

The-Re-Up: Who does your production & who do you work with the most in the studio (beats, mastering, etc.)?

GVNDV: "Vonte is the team's producer/engineer/guru, so I spend a lot of time in the studio with him. We're always tryna cook up somthin' new & dope, mainly for us to just bump in the whip."

The-Re-Up: Give me some of your favorite experiences playing live shows.

GVNDV: "I love making eye contact with the crowd on stage. Just knowing that everyone is listening because they want to or because they're intrigued, and not because they have to, is amazing. & it's the best thing ever when people come up to you after a set and show love, that feeling kinda let's you know that your hard work isn't going to waste."

The-Re-Up: Any new music in the works or plans for the future?

GVNDV: "Yeah, I just dropped a single called 'BYOB' on SoundCloud. I wanted to do something a little weird but yet a something with an up-tempo vibe to it. I thought it was a perfect track to release for this project I'm dropping on Valentine's Day called 'My Eulogy' (a.k.a. The M.E. LP)."

The-Re-Up: What do you think 2016 holds for not only you but, the future of Hip-Hop as a whole?

GVNDV: "I think 2016 has a whole new wave of shit comin' that niggas not even ready for yet. Hearing the way 2015 ended with all of the creativity buzzing, I can't wait to see how this year is gonna turn out. As for me man, I don't know what's gonna happen. I just pray for greatness everyday and try to do my best to make it to the next level."

The-Re-Up: Anybody you wanna shout out or show some love to?

GVNDV: "Well first I'd like to shout out Shout outs to all of Cheesetown. Shout outs to These Kings & Real Sick Nebula."


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