5 Must See Festivals To End The Season

Alex Dixon

Tue July 26, 2016 3:28 pm

Bass Center 2016

You can never have too much Bassnectar pumped into your year, that's just not a real thing. Bass Center is an exact depiction of what happens when you have a diverse lineup with heavy hitting artists mixed with an amazing stadium setting, balanced out with camping to make for the perfect festival situation.


Summer Meltdown 

As Summer begins to wind down in the Pacific Northwest there’s one last hurrah that has quickly become a staple of the Western Washington festival scene, Summer Meltdown. With a naturally created landscape that is altered into a beautiful music filled paradise nestled in the mountains, this is a retreat for all walks of life to enjoy. The festivities do not stop at the sights while the sounds hit just as hard bringing a diverse range of live instrumentalists from Snug Harbor to STS9, Electronic powerhouses such as Keys & Krates along with Griz, and even a little bit of nostalgic Seattle Rap to top it off with Blue Scholars. 



There’s no better time to enjoy LA than FYF Fest and continuing our theme of diversity the experience that FYF brings to the table is nothing to be left out of your summer antics. Supplying headliners like Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, and LCD Soundsystem along with amazing supporting acts such as Spooky Black (aka Corbin), Young Thug and the eccentric Mac Demarco this is something you can’t pass up while exploring the West this Summer.



This historic event, placed perfectly in the heart of Seattle has gone viral with one of the hardest hitting lineups of the year. For Pacific Northwester’s this has been a must see festival for years but with a stacked experience like this year, the festival is reaching fans from all across the country. It’s all under one multi stage roof encompassing the entire Seattle Center for an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend. So in a nutshell, if you’re going to be in Seattle during the end of August or beginning of September then Bumbershoot is the place to be. 


III Points Music Festival

Going down as the darkhorse of the festival circuit and boasting one of the most intricate lineups of the year would be III Points in Miami. This experience will be bringing together locals, travellers from coast to coast, and even fans who are new to the scene with a little bit of music for all walks of life. From legends like LCD Soundsystem to Method Man and Redman along with new school greats such as Flying Lotus, Ta-Ku (Live), Earl Sweatshirt, and M83 it’s bound to be an awe inspiring event to say the least.