Roy Wood$, OVO rookie who signed little over a year go the Drake-mogul label. With Partynextdoor and new signee DVSN, Roy has some friendly competition to work and colab with. After releasing his hit single "Drama ft Drake", his "Exis" EP made its debut in 2015. Since the Exis release, Roy has been slurging with singles here and there and a couple unique and amazing visuals. He's released a lot of new material though OVO Sound Radio and promised his first album on July !st. "Walking At Dawn" is a 10-track album with no features, which is very dope for a first album because it allows fans to get a full experience with only Roy and his sound. Roy has an very impressive neglect of voice effects, he has a very aggressive tone to his voice and switches between the this and a higher pitch well. In my opinion, especially on previous released tracks like "Get You Good" theres a strong tone in his singing voice similar to Michael Jackson.( In ALL respect to Michael, Roy has not even come in a inch of the icon) Funny thing is he kind of looks like a young Michael. "Walking at Dawn" is a very cohesive project, production wise I believe Roy has developed his own sound but also has the original dark vibe OVO branded with. "Gwan Big Up Urself" is amongst the hit single category although there are close companions, but this song provides us with an island vibe with small hints of dancehall. This is the Roy Wood$ track of the summer, the vibe can be felt while by yourself, at parties, or with alone with a woman. Roy also provides us with a rave song for us when we aren't feeling appreciated, "Switch". Roy discusses some hardships in his life and question where were all the people that are present now when he wasn't as successful but he screams "Never am I going to go back" reassuring us that he's here to stay. "Got Me" succeeds after "Switch", definitely two of the best songs on the album. "Got Me" has Roy discussing his relations with another woman and how he feels, the usual OVO topic. The production on this track is crucial and this song sort of establishes the sound of Roy Wood$, artist. Overall I rate this project a 8/10, I've always wanted people to on board but the rookie has hit a home run with this album. 2016 shall be a strong year for the OVO signee Roy Wood$.