Coachella Releases A Very Stacked Lineup For The "Heineken House"

Nicola Hartman

Sat April 9, 2016 1:00 am

Out of my five years of attending Coachella and other festivals, I have never once seen the Heineken lineup THIS stacked. We all know how hot it can get out on the Polo Fields. Equipped with air conditioning, cold beer and an all-star lineup such as this one, It's pretty easy to tell where the party is going to be at. 

On Friday we have quite the bass-filled roster. Amongst this madness of a lineup, we have the promising young producer, Ookay. This young gentleman recently released his hitter of a track titled "Theif." It'll make you feel some type of way, I promise. It's a perfect soundtrack to initiate the start of festival season. 

On Saturday, we have Hip-Hop legends sharing the stage with some Dance music artists that are on the rise. One of which is Space Yacht founder, LondonBridge. To give us a little tease for what's coming, he just released his "Desert Booty Mix." This mix is definitely made "to get us ready for the summer". Some booty shakin' house music to feed the soul and move the feet? Yes please!

On Sunday we have a serious mix of Dance music legends. To bring you all of the bass you could need in order to fill your fix, we have Brillz. This "World Wide Weirdo" is ready to get down in the desert, but the more important question is... are you?


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