6 Hip-Hop Artists You Can't Miss at Hangout Music Festival

Alex Dixon

Sat March 19, 2016 8:18 pm

There’s nothing better than a little fun in the sun and it’s even better when you have some of your favorite bands and artists performing. Hangout Music Festival is bringing you just that, all on the Golf Shores of Alabama from May 20th - 22nd. 


Check out a list of the most anticipated Hip Hop artists performing below!


Everyone’s been buzzing around Raury’s alternative sound which is reminiscent of artists like Kid Cudi and Andre 3000, but he does have a rap element to his music as well. Hailing from Atlanta, the down south vibe creator has lyrically appealing tunes that you can’t go wrong with. 


New Orleans knows how to get down and Pell’s holding his own during their musical renaissance. He creates a smooth sound with loads of intricate flow that rips and tears through beats. If you're looking for an example of New school rap then Pell is pretty spot on.

Big Grams

Big Grams are a trio consisting of Phantogram & Outkast's Big Boi to create a feel good sound with best of both worlds from Hip Hop to Indie-Electronic. The group just released their debut album “Big Grams” and now they're roaming the country and world, taking the festival scene by storm. Outkast won’t be doing anymore live concerts so seeing Big Boi perform is as good as it’s gonna get. 

Fetty Wap

If you haven't already heard one of the many Remy Boy anthems that Fetty Wap and his crew are putting out then you're probably living under a rock. Fetty Wap is a singer to say the least, bringing in melodic R&B infused trap singles to the masses. His live performance is just as smooth as his recordings, bringing a connection between trap and r&b together as one. 

Run the jewels 

There's no duo running rap right now like Run The Jewels. The two have created some completely lyrical music to start and end your day with or even party the night away too. With their self titled album and even a cat remix of the project available now your not going to wanna miss this. 

Vince Staples 

Hailing from Long Beach, California Vince Staples made his mark on the Hip-Hop scene during Odd Future’s come up but he didn’t want to limit himself so he took his own path. After signing with Mac Miller’s REMember Music label he’s making waves, fresh off his latest studio release “Summertime ‘06”.