LA's "Space Yacht" Co-Founder, "LondonBridge" is Cool Like Dat

Nicola Hartman

Thu March 10, 2016 2:00 pm

If you like moving your feet and shaking your booty to some quality dance tunes, then i've found the perfect home for you. In the heart of Los Angeles, we have lift off. Come on a journey through space and fun times with LondonBridge, Co-Founder of Space Yacht.  Space Yacht has quickly proven itself to be one of the best dance parties in the states, and one of the masterminds behind the movement is creating some content that needs to be heard. LondonBridge's new track that just released on Tuesday night is a perfect soundtrack for the summer nights ahead.

I have had the pleasure of catching up with Rami, aka LondonBridge, and speaking to him about both of his projects, how the idea started and what we have to look forward to! Linked at the bottom of the interview is his new track, "Cool Like Dat". 

How’re you doing today?

Pretty good, just chilling out and trying to focus on the positivity in this world and not let the world get me down! you know?

So you are one of the co-founders of Space Yacht, how did that become a reality for you?

Yeah, its me, ollie and henry. We started it together in January 2015. Its been a crazy unexpected explosion of culture honestly. Ollie and Henry were throwing parties in college and we thought hey why don’t we all do something with this? So, we met this guy named Jeremy who owns the golden box and I begged him, “Hey yo, can we just try throwing one party just to see how it goes?”. He gave us a shot at our first party and we sold it out. From there, we started to throw it every week and we wanted to start something kind of like what Aoki did with Dim Mak Tuesdays. Its funny because i used to attend Aoki’s weekly when i was younger and it just goes to show you that things go full circle. We recently just moved the Space Yacht venue to where Dim Mak Tuesdays was held. We’ve had some really amazing artists and we’ve had a lot of fun. Way beyond what we ever expected. It’s a viral party.

So I know that you guys have started to branch off into different areas besides California, How’s that going?

We’ve got a bunch coming up! We’ve got Miami, we’ve got SXSW which is crazy because it’s not just a day party or a night party, it’s noon to 2 AM which is going to be insane. And then we have the Buygore party. We are also talking to a couple of festivals right now about possible after parties and maybe even stages. This year is really focusing on expanding out of LA and bringing our community to new places.

I’ve heard a little about Swedish Fish Mafia, what’s that all about?

I’ve come to realize that all of the names of the projects i’ve started all start as jokes… like the name London Bridge started as a joke between me and my friends in the UK who were just homies of mine, I wasn’t even DJing yet and I was just like “Let’s start a Duo called London Bridge!”
Same thing with Swedish Fish Mafia… I went to this party (this was about 3 weeks ago) and me, my friend evan who’s 1/2 of boots and pants as well as cubby cramer all ended up spinning a b2b2b for like 3 hours and I was like “Yo, this is actually swedish fish mafia”. I had thought of the name a long time ago but it finally clicked. We all enjoyed the music we played together and I think that’s what made it click.
I thought about how my birthday was coming up soon and I thought “why don’t we do this as our first show?” I knew people would react to the name… I mean c’mon, it’s funny.

You have two parties in Miami coming up… tell us a little bit more about those!

Those are going to be crazy… I got added to the Buygore pool party so that’ll be really fun. It’s a really sick lineup… Jauz, Getter, Dr. Fresch, Borgore, Fawks… a bunch of really amazing artists. So I’m gonna play that party and then we are going to do a space yacht at Heart nightclub that night and it’s alongside Buygore records. There’s going to be a lot of homies… and whenever we have space yacht in other towns, homies in the area come through so that’s undoubtedly going to be a lot of fun.
Oh I bet, people are gonna have to watch out for those b2bs and special guests!

So, When did you start writing music and when did you have the vision for Space Yacht?

I’ve been involved with music since I was about five. My dads a musician, so I kind of rode off of that and then I played instruments like the drums when I was younger and throughout high school.
When I first moved to LA I was in a band for a while but as far as Space Yacht goes I used a sort of Gary Richards model of “hey, I'm going to throw my own party and play it.”
Look, for me, London Bridge is something where I’ve always been into dance music, I used to spin in college back in the day.
It’s so fun to me, and even thought I'm trying to make a career of it i’m just focused on the music and share my music with people. When I think of DJ college you know I think of myself as a sophomore, whereas someone like Jauz is already in Grad School. People like Dr. Fresch would be a first semester senior.
Even having Space Yacht under my belt, I still have to prove myself as an artist and as a producer and a writer. For me, I really want to make music that connects people and is universal but at the end of the day, uhm, it’s not about depending on other people to do that. It’s about creating your voice and figuring out how to make it heard.

You just have to keep pushing yourself to stay true to you and to fuck what anybody else thinks… Play the music that you want to play and what makes you feel good and it will attract the right people. Playing your own content to the crowd and getting a reaction out of it is one of the best feelings.

That’s exactly how I feel… I’m looking through my set for my birthday show. And I have like 25 tracks that are London Bridge tracks and that’s where I want to be, playing out mostly my own tracks. I mean, i do love playing other people’s tracks but at the same time, that’s the differentiator. It’s a never ending battle. It’s always a mind fuck to be able to believe in yourself and go after what you believe in. You have to Persevere.

What inspires you to keep going? What are your inspirations emotionally and mentally?

I think it depends on my mood. What’s really inspiring me right now is just to create and not to put any boxes around my work. With the records I am putting out recently they are kind of all over the map. Like the record I finished last night has some hip hop and rap influences… I just also finished another record that is kind of a reggae, trappy kind of thing. At the same time with my remix work I am kind of going towards kind of booty house, dirty bird style, G house and that’s a good representation of what i’m playing out live. I’m just really trying to produce as much as possible. I’m being inspired by all of these really really talented people that I get to work with and listen to every week.

I really think with the new wave of artists and electronic music that boundaries and genres are being broken down. You can't go into a recording session with boundaries set up. You can't confine yourself.

Totally. I feel the same way. That’s the thing, when I do confine myself, I can’t make anything good or that’s true to me. I just have to sit down and figure it out.

What is your 2016 look like fast forwarded a little more towards summertime and the rest of the year?

I’m playing a couple gigs during coachella time, there’s a ton of parties happening down in Palm Springs during that time so I will be playing a few shows there. Then during the summer time, I have a few festivals that I don’t want to quite jinx but I'm hoping its a ‘Go’ so you’ll probably be seeing me out of LA on some big stages soon.
Then just for Space Yacht it’s really our goal to build and grow so we’re hoping to expand to some places like Las Vegas, we’ve got some buddies up there. Then up in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle.
I’m just like any other artist, i’m going to be scrappy and try to get more shows wherever I can get them. I’m going to continue pushing the boulder up the hill, you know?
My plans all depend on the music. I really want to be releasing music on a constant basis. that’s what my focus is really going to be, being in the studio and working on releases. Im still honing the craft everyday. You’ll actually see a lot of snapchats of me…sitting at my desk working on music.

Hard work, believing in yourself, knocking self doubt and blocking out the haters.. and boom, your dreams will come true.

There we go! I like that!! I like that!


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