Meet REZZ: The Queen of Dark Techno

Nicola Hartman

Mon December 14, 2015 11:00 pm

Everybody meet Isabelle Rezazadeh, Aka REZZ, the 20 year old from Niagra Falls that has recently opened the gates of techno-hell upon us. Don't let her adorable looks fool you, for Her style is absolutely filthy; every track that she puts out is a heavy hitter that will send chills up your spine. She's been dubbed as the "female Gesaffelstein", which is a well-deserved title that even Isabelle herself has trouble wrapping her head around. There's nobody else that comes to mind that would be worthy of such a title. My friend once told me that "Rezz's new mixtape was so lit that it set her computer on fire", and i wouldn't doubt it. The first time that I feasted my ears upon her Marilyn Manson remix, I think i sold my soul to the dark side. \m/

She's created a new breed of purely evil techno; utterly wicked throughout every synth and bassline. Her influences range everywhere from Amon Tobin, Gesaffelstein, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Oliver, Destructo and many more. This talented young woman (who is self taught, by the way) doesn't only slay at producing absolute bangers, but she also slays the decks. She started producing with Ableton merely 2 years ago in 2013, and said that "it was rocket science at first, but it was nothing that 14 hours a day couldn't fix." The self-taught producer "didn't leave her computer" since she picked up ableton, and look where she is now. Another lovely thing about Rezz is that she will "eternally give away her tunes for free", as long as the labels will permit her! 

Check out her most recent of filthy shenanigans, her Day of the Dead mix! The link is embedded below: